Rockabilly Hairstyles How To

rockabilly hairstyleWant to learn how to create rockabilly hairstyles? 

True rockabilly hairstyles require hair to be cut into layers that are about 4 inches long all around, except for in front of the ear.  It should be about 3 inches long there.  Hair in the back can remain long—up to 10 inches long. If you don’t want to commit to the haircut, mid-length hair can be coaxed into a rockabilly hairstyle with some extra patience.

To begin creating a rockabilly hairstyle, section hair, and set in large rollers.  Hot rollers work great, as do regular foam rollers on hair that's slightly damp.  Once your hair is cool (or completely dry) remove the rollers, and back comb the inside of the front curls to create volume. To do this, hold up a section of hair, insert a comb about halfway down, and gently comb it back toward the scalp. This will create pouf and volume. Create a roll from the hair at the very front. Using your fingers or a brush handle, roll hair under with the ends of the hair tucked inside. Use bobby pins to hold in place. Spray with hairspray and make sure pins aren’t visible.

You have some flexibility about how to style the sides and back. Rolls and loose curls will work. Set the back hair on rollers or in pin curls, spray with hairspray and let cool or let dry. Remove pins or rollers and arrange back and side hair with your fingers. Variations in rockabilly hairstyles for women include wearing mid-forehead length bangs rather than making a front roll and pinning it in place. There are also variations in the tightness of curl in the back hair.

You can learn how to do rockabilly hairstyles once you master the technique of curling hair on rollers or in pin curls. There are numerous variations in rockabilly hairstyles, but in general, they have height and volume on top, are shorter and closer to the head on the sides, and the longest hair is at the nape of the neck.  Women’s rockabilly hairstyles are curly—with the loosest curls being waves cascading down the neck. 


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