Retro Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

retro vintage wedding hair 40sLooking for retro vintage wedding hairstylesIf you’re planning a wedding, you want to be certain that your hair will be perfect for that special day, and retro vintage wedding hairstyles offer you a wealth of ideas.  Fortunately, bridal photos exist that cover decades of vintage hairstyles.  Looking at what worked for brides in the past can inspire you as you dream up your own perfect vintage wedding hairstyle.

The most beautiful vintage wedding hairstyles are those from the 1940’s.  Women of the 1940’s focused on hair, since fabric and clothing were rationed.  1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles took advantage of the hairstyling skills of the World War II era bride.  Veils and hats decorated with flowers were popular, as were elaborate tiaras and circular headdresses of wax flowers.

Often, 1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles featured the pompadour look, with volume at the front of the crown. It made a wonderful platform for attaching a veil or small hat. Side rolls and victory rolls incorporated flowers, and hair was almost always held up and off the face, the better to show off the deep red lipstick that was popular at the time.

One of the 1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles, however, did things a little differently, and brides today still imitate the look. That look is the long waves with a deep side part made famous by 1940’s starlet Veronica Lake. The dramatic sweep of hair, partly hiding one eye, can easily be modified with a beautiful jeweled hair clip so that everyone can see the bride’s face.


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