Retro Hairstyles – How to Do Retro Hairstyles

retro hairstyle 40s hairRetro hairstyles are hot right now—from 1940’s retro hairstyles like finger waves to modern versions of the 1960’s bouffant. These looks are pure glamour, and they are fun choices for everyday glamour, special occasions, weddings, and proms. You could even work a more extreme retro hairstyle, like Swiss Miss braids into a party costume.

The 1940’s retro hairstyles are glamorous and womanly, reminiscent of war brides looking their most beautiful to welcome home husbands from the war.  Hair in the 1940’s was done in the most elaborate ways. Some of the more classic styles included pin curls, perfectly placed finger waves, or a classic 1940's updo.  1940’s retro hairstyles required mastering a few techniques.  And, because of the lack of modern hair appliances like blow dryers, they also required patience.

Recreating 1940’s retro hairstyles is not as labor intensive today, because we have modern technology such as curling irons and personal hair dryers.  Getting that deep side parted Veronica Lake “peek-a-boo bang” style doesn’t require sleeping in curlers.  Creating 1940’s victory rolls or pompadours takes some practice—however, people will appreciate the effort you put into these retro hairstyles, because they look sexy and up-to-the-minute when paired with modern fashions.


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