1940s Hairstyles — 1940s Hair Victory Rolls

1940s hairstyles victory rolls1940s hairstyles and fashions were directly influenced by wartime rationing. Particularly in Britain, where clothing was rationed, women focused on making their hair as attractive as possible.

Though rationing in America was not as strict as in Britain, American women’s 1940s hairstyles were partly a reaction to the difficulties of wartime life. The war was first in everyone’s mind, and women made an effort to express with 1940s hairstyles what they couldn't express with new clothing. You can use some of their techniques whenever you need you need your hair to look perfectly “done.”

Because wardrobes could not be easily updated during the war years, 1940s hairstyles were called upon to do what clothing could not. Women wore hairstyles that were formal, casual, or whimsical based on occasion, whereas before, they had used their outfits to suit the occasion. As a result, 1940s hairstyles were complex and carefully crafted. Women became skilled at setting and styling their hair using setting lotions, curlers, and pin curls. While it may take some practice, you can learn to put your hair in pins too, and then wake up with a head full of perfect curls.

1940's Hairstyles – Victory Rolls

Perhaps the most recognizable 1940s hairstyle was the Victory Roll, which was also called the Side Reverse Roll.  Named after a combat air maneuver, the Victory Roll hairstyle required a woman to set her hair either in rollers or pin curls at night, and then sleep on them to produce carefully crafted curls in the morning. Once the rollers or pins came out, hair was given a minimum of brushing, so as not to remove the curls, and a section near the crown on each side was pinned up, off the face. This is a dressed up, formal look, the kind of style you might want to wear for a wedding or prom.


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