1940s Hair – Create 1940’s Hair that Turns Heads

1940s hair updoFew styles are as gorgeous as 1940s hair.  The rationing of clothing and fabrics during World War II made women concentrate on making their hair as beautiful as possible.  While some of the styles looked complicated, 1940s hair can be replicated with just a few tools: bobby pins, hair elastics, curlers or a curling iron, a comb, and a hairbrush.  We're going to look at one of the most popular styles of 1940s hair, the top reverse roll. 

1940's Hairstyle — Top Reverse Roll

The top reverse roll was a popular style for 1940s hair.  It is similar to a 1940s pompadour hairstyle, but easier to create.

Here's how to recreate the top reverse roll.  Set hair in rollers with all rolls going away from the face.  Take rollers out, and make a part on each side of the head from front to back, and a third part across the back.  This will give you a rectangular patch of hair that you can hold straight up off the top of your head.  Brush this section forward and put pins on both sides of the section.  Roll loosely toward the back with the ends remaining inside the roll.  Pin roll in place crosswise with bobby pins.  Depending on your face shape, you may need to make the section of hair in the roll smaller or larger.  This is a style of 1940s hair that really shows off your face.


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May 26, 2011

Michelle J. Blair @ 7:36 pm

For soft hair, Love fingerwaves!

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