1940’s Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

vintage wedding hairstyles 1940s1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles are some of the most glamorous wedding hairstyles. 

Pin curls and updos have never really gone out of favor as wedding hairstyles. Each decade has made its own version, but most vintage wedding hairstyles owe something to the glamorous 40’s. Even classic long hair will often incorporate a bit of pompadour style to go with a bridal veil. Vintage wedding hairstyles often pick the best of several eras and combine them into a thoroughly modern look.

Other 1940's vintage wedding hairstyles include the simple bob.  You can easily achieve a 1940's bob—or with a bit of back combing, you can achieve a modified version of the 60’s “bubble” do. This style highlights a bride’s face, particularly her eyes. Elaborate updos take their influence from the 1960’s beehive and the classic 1940’s “chignon” updo. A very 60’s bubble at the back of the crown, with a wide white headband in front creates a dramatic hair look that goes best with a simple, elegant column style wedding dress. 

The early 1970’s free spirited look can be updated for today’s altar by creating a sheer, white bandeau headband as a veil, with a few small, white flowers attached. This works well with long, shiny, wavy hair, and a more casual wedding look. Another great hair look for a more casual wedding is long, super shiny hair gathered into a low, slick pony tail secured with a hair elastic decorated with either tiny flowers, or a jeweled brooch.

No matter what style wedding you are planning, from the casual outdoor or beach wedding to the most formal church affair, you’ll want your hair to be perfect, and you don’t want to have to worry about it or fuss with it. Take your cues from the brides of decades past, and incorporate part or all of a 1940's vintage wedding hairstyle.  You're sure to turn heads in a sexy 1940's vintage wedding hairstyle!


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April 18, 2009

Retro Vintage Wedding Hairstyles @ 3:54 am

[…] 1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles featured the pompadour look, with volume at the front of the crown. It made a wonderful platform […]

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