"How to Create Popular
1940's Hairstyles That Are Guaranteed To Turn Heads & Make You Look Glamorous..."

From: Emily Edwards

Dear Friend,

I have a confession to make... 

I LOVE retro hairstyles—especially ones from the 1940’s.

When it comes to sexy hair, there’s nothing hotter than a glamorous 1940’s look. In fact, some of the hottest celebrities have been spotted with 1940’s hair...stars like Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl, Christina Aguilera, and Dita Von Teese...

What do these celebrities know about creating hot 1940’s hairstyles that you don’t?   

Well, for one thing, these celebrities hire very expensive hairstylists.  These elite hairstylists are paid thousands of dollars each year to create hot retro looks.  But, don’t worry…

You don’t need to hire an expensive hairstylist to create a 1940’s look!

Once you know the secrets, you can create 1940’s hairstyles at home, without paying thousands of dollars to an expensive stylist.  All you need is some good information, a little guidance, and some practice.   

1940's Hairstyles Made Easy

If you’d like to create hot 1940’s hairstyles – without paying an expensive stylist – then be sure to read every word of this letter.  Here’s why:

I’ve discovered a rare, out-of-print book filled with glamorous 1940’s hairstyles.  This unique book contains step-by-step instructions, photo illustrations, and popular hairstyles from the time-period.  Even better, it also contains 1940’s makeup tips, and skin care secrets.  It has everything you need to create a glamorous 1940’s look, even if you’re a total beginner. 

And the best part is...

This book is from the 1940’s! 

It was originally published in 1944 by American Hairdresser…this means that ALL the hairstyles in the book were designed by professional 1940’s hairdressers.  In other words, it contains genuine 1940’s hairstyles, explained by 1940’s hairstylists!  

Luckily, I’ve secured the rights to re-publish this very rare 1940’s treasure. And I’m making it available in digital format, for a limited time.  

Inside the book, you'll discover...

  • Popular retro, vintage, and rockabilly hairstyles from the 1940’s.

  • Why pin curls must be set in precise patterns…see page 16. 

  • Secrets to styling your hair just like the hottest 1940’s pin-up girls.

  • How to create rockabilly hairstyles, finger waves, victory rolls, pompadours, and sexy bangs.

  • Hundreds of vintage illustrations & diagrams, along with detailed instructions and techniques for creating the styles of the 1940's.

  • Why pin curls must be set in precise patterns…see page 7.

  • The 3 different pin curl base shapes—and how they affect results. (Pages 8-9)

  • Open-center pin curls versus closed-center pin curls. (Page 8)

  • How to create moon-shaped base curls for side rolls and updos. (Page 9)

  • An illustrated guide to creating perfect pin curls. (Pages 7-16)

  • The secret to creating pin curls WITHOUT ruining the base of the curl. (Page 6)

  • Revealed: proper placement & direction of pin curls. (Pages 15-16)

  • The single biggest mistake women make when forming pin curls. (Page 13)

  • A step-by-step illustrated guide to creating an upswept hairstyle with front & side curls while maintaining a smooth and sleek back. (Page 76)

  • Ridged hairstyles should always be pinned ______ to the curl. (Page 16)

  • The best finger waving techniques for balancing your face shape. (Page 17)

  • Correct partings versus incorrect partings. (Page 18)

  • How to part your hair properly...including 6 popular hair partings used during the 1940’s. (Page 19).

  • Use a ______ hair parting for pompadour styles, cascade curls, and bang arrangements. (Page 19)

  • Have a small nose or a long, narrow face? Discover the perfect hairstyle to hide any perceived flaws. (Page 30)

  • 5 secret curl arrangements for your side sections – including vertical waves, side rolls, and waved ridges. (Page 22)

  • How to use “movements” and “lines” to create your own unique 1940’s look. (Pages 20-21)

  • Discover the 9 steps to executing a “Vertical Wave Movement” with proper curls and side ridges. (Pages 23-26)

  • How to style your hair to disguise imperfect facial features…such as a crooked nose, a prominent chin, or a high forehead. (Page 30)

  • Illustrated wave patterns – including designs for pompadours, side waves, and bang arrangements. (Page 27)

And You'll Also Discover Information About...


  • The only real “rule” you must know when it comes to fastening pin curls. (Page 15)

  • The very best hairstyles for oval, triangle, square-shaped, and heart-shaped faces. (Page 35)

  • Want an authentic 1940’s look?  Make sure your hairstyle creates a _____ shape. (Page 32)

  • An ingeniously simple secret to combing-out elaborate hairstyles correctly. (Page 34)

  • 7 different face shapes....discover which hairstyles will flatter your face for the perfect 1940’s look. (Pages 36-41) 

  • How to use off-centered height in 1940’s hairstyles to slenderize your body.  See page 40.

  • Have a long, narrow face?  4 hairstyles to avoid...see page 36.

  • How to add extra body & height to your hair using the “backcombing” technique. (Page 44)

  • Have dark hair?  Discover the key difference between 1940’s hairstyles for dark haired women versus hairstyles for light haired women.  (Page 31)

  • Want 1940’s bangs?  Avoid these 2 mistakes when designing bangs...see pages 47-48.

  • Step-by-step instructions for creating a “Top-Knot” style pompadour.  (Page 49)

  • Detailed instructions (and diagrams) for creating the Pivot Bob, Long Oval Updo, Coquette Hairstyle, Feather Froth, Bustle Back, and French Twist hairstyles. 

  • Want to design your own retro hairstyle?  Use the 4 tracing diagrams on page 87 to create your own unique 1940’s look.

  • Discover how to create the Grecian hairstyle, the Criss-Cross Upsweep, and the Elegant Pompadour. (Pages 72-77)

  • Revealed: How to create a high slant hairstyle with rows of pincurls.  (Page 61)

  • Want an elegant 1940’s wedding hairstyle?  See page 57 for a timeless beauty.

  • The surprising secret to beautiful bangs with pincurls and ridges. (Page 65)

  • The “Junior Miss” Style: A step-by-step guide to creating an adorable 1940’s hairstyle for a daughter or young girl. (Pages 67-68)

  • Razor shaping techniques to get the perfect shape for your 1940’s look.  See page 78.

  • The exact length your hair should be for most 1940’s hairstyles.  (Page 80)

  • Neckline shaping, dividing, and sectioning your hair for the perfect 1940’s haircut.  (Page 79-81)

  • Hair should be divided into 5 different sections for this type of cut...see page 80. 

  • 3 key steps to properly shaping hair for 1940’s hairstyles.  (Page 83)

  • Shaping your neckline for slenderizing vs. shaping for fullness.  (Page 84)

  • The very best way to "set" hair for a pompadour.  (Page 40)

  • And much, much more!

How to Style Your Hair & Look Absolutely Gorgeous

Imagine having your own personal hairstylist from the 1940’s…showing you how to style your hair, apply your makeup, and look absolutely beautiful. 

When you own 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets you get something even better...

Instead of one hairstylist, you get 23 different hairstylists who show you how to style your hair for the perfect retro look.  You’ll receive 87 pages of 1940’s glamour…plus makeup and beauty tips...all from real-world 1940’s hairstylists.

But, that’s not all...

If you're one of the next 300 people to claim 1940's Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets, you'll also receive the following 3 bonuses — valued at over $107 — absolutely FREE.

FREE Bonus #1: How to Dress Your Hair – 1940’s Vintage Book ($29.95 value)  

First published in 1944, this vintage book teaches you how to style and dress your hair in popular 1940’s fashions.  Packed with practical techniques, it also contains illustrations and diagrams to help you create glamorous 1940’s hairstyles.  Inside this vintage book, you’ll discover: 

  • An illustrated guide to creating perfect pin curls, with detailed diagrams.
    (Pages 8-9)
  • How to create fantastic finger waves. (Pages 6-7)
  • The very best ways to create piled-up pompadours — both back and front styles.  (Pages 10-15). 
  • The exact number of curls you should have in a front pompadour. (Page 13)
  • Revealed: The “Page Boy with Flat-Top” hairstyle.  (Page 38). 
  • Secrets to sectioning your hair properly for wave curls. (Page 18)
  • The surprising secret to creating the “Swirl Wave-back with Curls.” (Page 36)
  • How to create a “Smooth Page Boy” hairstyle that’s guaranteed to turn heads.  (Page 42)

FREE Bonus #2: Beauty Recipes for Gorgeous Skin ($22.99 value) 

Want better looking skin?  Inside this bonus, you’ll discover natural beauty recipes to heal and correct some of the most annoying skin problems.  Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • 3 ways to heal acne damaged skin at-home.  (Page 6)   
  • How to make a natural skin-lightening toner at-home.  (Page 12) 
  • Advanced at-home methods to reduce the signs of aging.  (Page 17)   
  • How to heal a deep, inflamed pimple overnight. (Page 25)  
  • 5 steps to drawing out blackheads without ruining your skin.  (Page 9)
  • How to give your skin a dewy glow in 5 easy steps. (Page 21)
  • A little-known mineral that rebuilds your skin & helps scars heal faster. (Page 7)  

FREE Bonus #3: The Truth About Natural Skin Care ($24.99 value)

In this special bonus, Leah Day reveals the truth about harmful chemicals found in many skin care products.  Leah shows you how to choose healthy natural products, and avoid the dangerous chemicals that can ruin your skin.  Inside you’ll discover:

  • The 4 basic requirements for young and healthy skin.  (Pages 13-14)
  • The 2 biggest factors that cause sagging and wrinkling skin. (Page 11)
  • How to read ingredient labels on your beauty products – and the vital importance of one little ingredient.  (Pages 14-16)  
  • 18 of the most damaging skin care chemicals that can destroy your skin & health. (Pages 17-19)
  • 5 things to check before buying ANY skin care product. (Page 23)  
  • A dangerous chemical ingredient that speeds up wrinkling and destroys the skin’s natural PH balance. (Page 19)

FREE Bonus #4: Makeup Secrets Revealed ($29.95 value)

Makeup Secrets Revealed is written by top international makeup artist, Kamala Regrello.  Kamala has worked as head makeup artist at the Miss Universe pageant, Miss USA, Miss Jamaica, and several other international beauty pageants.  Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover inside Makeup Secrets Revealed...

  • The single greatest challenge facing any makeup wearer. (Page 11)
  • The hidden ingredient inside most bleaching creams that can permanently damage your skin. (Page 9)    
  • Where & how to test your foundation to make sure it’s the right color. Hint: Most women get this completely wrong!  (Page 16)
  • 40 pore-clogging ingredients found in certain makeup products that you want to avoid like the plague—unless you want acne.  (Page 10)     
  • Revealed:  How to choose between “tissue-off” cleansers vs. “rinse-off” cleansers—and which one is best for your skin type. (Page 6).
  • A 5-step process for choosing & applying the correct foundation. Follow this process and you’re guaranteed to have youthful-looking, beautiful skin. (Page 15)
  • How to use an eyeshadow “accent shade” to give your eyes added depth and dimension. (Page 18)
  • How to create smudge-resistant lipstick by using a common object found in every grocery store.  (Page 24)

1940 Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets
contains everything you need to create glamorous 1940’s hairstyles.  But don’t take my word for it — here’s what other women have to say...

"Fantastic Ideas for My Vintage Wedding Hairstyle"

Hi Emily.  I’m having a vintage wedding in June, and your book gave me some fantastic ideas for my wedding hairstyle.  Thanks for making this book available to everyone who loves the 1940’s.  I will send you a photo from my wedding—as I am sure my hair will look stunning!

Thanks again, 

Alissa Roberts
Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for Making Our Prom Night Glam"

My friends and I were looking for 1940’s prom hairstyles, when we found your website.  Your hairstyles book was great, and I love the free makeup bonus.  We were able to find many different hairstyles for each of us.  The section on how to make pin curls was especially helpful.  Thanks for making our prom night glam!

Lauren Phillips
Atlanta, GA

"I Have Plenty of Ideas for How to Style My Hair Now"

I am so glad I found your website.  I started swing dancing a few months ago, and I was looking for 1940’s rockabilly hairstyles.  After reading the 1940’s hairstyles book, I have plenty of ideas for how to style my hair now.  Thanks!

Jessica McMillan
Chicago, IL

"Your Book is a Gem — Love the Black & White Illustrations"

I am a huge vintage/retro fan!  So I was happy to find your 1940’s hairstyles book.  It’s very difficult to find books that were published in the 1940’s, describing the trends and hairstyles of the decade. Your book is
a gem, and I love the black and white illustrations.

Katie Clark
London, England

1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets
is an amazing vintage resource.  However, it’s NOT for everyone.  This 1940’s treasure is not for people who want to waste thousands of dollars hiring expensive hairstylists.  And, it’s not for people who can’t appreciate a rare, vintage 1940’s book.  However, if you love the 1940’s, and you want to create hot vintage hairstyles, then this book was designed especially for you.  

What’s a Vintage Resource Like This Worth?

Ok, I’ll bet by now you’re probably wondering about the price.  Let’s do a quick comparison together.  An average hairstylist would charge you at least $40 for creating one fancy hairstyle or updo.  And a makeup artist would charge you at least $20.  So, if you went to a beauty shop for a 1940’s look, you’d pay at least $60—and that’s just for ONE style!

In comparison, 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets contains 87 pages of 1940’s hairstyles, beauty tips, and makeup secrets.  Instead of just ONE hairstyle, you get page after page of hot hairstyles, beauty secrets, and 1940’s glamour.

1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets is normally priced at $39.97, but as part of a special launch celebration, I’m making it available today for only $29.97.  Plus, for a limited time, you’ll receive $107 worth of free bonuses, just for giving it a try. 

However, please be warned. Given the sheer quantity of valuable material that I've packed into 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets, and since I need to recoup my investment of time and resources, I want you to know that I do expect to raise the price soon, once my launch celebration is complete. So if you come back after 7 days, and the special price is gone, don't say I didn't warn you.

Download 1940's Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you'll love 1940's Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets just as much as I do. And to make sure you feel completely protected, I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Here's how it works...

My Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Claim 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets today. Try everything for a full 30 days.


If you're not happy with what you discover from 1940's Hairstyles and Beauty Secrets, then I don't expect...or want...to keep your money. Simply send me an email within 30 days of your date of purchase and I'll issue you a full refund.


No matter what you decide, the $107 worth of free

bonuses are yours to keep as a thank you gift from

me. So, you have absolutely no risk. By acting today,

you get $107 worth of free bonuses, plus a full

guarantee. I can't be more fair than that!

Start Creating Glamorous 1940’s Hairstyles Today


YES Emily!  I can't wait to start creating 1940’s hairstyles.  I'm ready to start looking and feeling glamorous.  I'm claiming my copy of 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets so I can get started immediately.  

I understand that by taking action today, I will receive instant access to the entire 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets package, including $107 worth of free bonuses...

1940's Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets your guide to 1940's hair and glamour.

How to Dress Your Hair a bonus 1940's vintage book .

Beauty Recipes for Gorgeous Skin

The Truth About Natural Skin Care

Makeup Secrets Revealed —
written by one of the world's top international makeup artists.

I understand that your entire package will give me everything I need to quickly and easily create stunning 1940’s hairstyles and makeup.
Plus... you've even removed the risk by giving me your 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I understand that if I am unhappy, I can contact you for a full refund, and you'll even let me keep all the bonuses.  
On this basis, I am clicking the button below, and claiming my copy of 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets today. 

Retail value of the entire 1940's Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets
package: $156.97

Limited time only sale price: $39.97  $29.97

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Dedicated to helping you look & feel glamorous!


Emily Edwards

 Don’t forget, if you’re one of the next 200 people to claim your copy of 1940’s Hairstyles & Beauty Secrets, you’ll also receive $107 worth of FREE bonuses.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Recreate the romance of the 40's with glamorous hairstyles that are guaranteed to turn heads!  Get instant access now.

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